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Quantitative Research - Our Services - Global Survey - A Market Research Organizations

Quantitative Research

Our quantitative market research focuses on the technique to efficiently ask questions to the target audience in an organized manner using Computer-assisted Personal Interviews and Pencil & Paper Interviews. The received responses via Face-to Face data collection can be analyzed to make well-thought decisions for improving products and services.



Superior research capabilities in CAPI/PAPI


Computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI) and Pencil and paper interview (PAPI) are the methods used to increase the accuracy and efficiency of Face to Face (F2F) data collection. With CAPI, the interviewer introduces the answer on a tablet with an image software installed. It is an application with a user-friendly interface that permits running audio/video during the interview. Unlike PAPI, where a set of questionnaires is filled by the interviewer by asking the questions in the session.

Global Survey prefers CAPI as data gathered are submitted online, saved and encrypted at our server; thus making the process more efficient.

Here are some of the advantages of going with CAPI interview with the global survey

  1. Zero errors, ensuring logic skips in the questionnaire
  2. More efficient compared to PAPI.
  3. Shorter time in checking results and the entire database
  4. Economical as it eliminates printing questionnaires
  5. Time gained by the autonomous introduction of data in the system
  6. Interim reports gathered help generate preliminary results during the entire project.



Know our specialized technique for telephone interviews


Computer-assisted telephone interview (CATI) is conducted by our highly trained interviewers that follows a script provided by a special software application. We use a number randomization process to generate a list of respondents to be interviewed.

CATI questionnaires and other materials relevant to the study are digitized and answers gathered are reflected automatically without using any form of paper. It tremendously reduces the time for collecting and processing of quantitative data.

Below are the benefits you receive with our CATI strength

  1. Interviews are recorded and monitored real-time.
  2. Clients have access to all the recordings of the interviews.
  3. FAll fieldwork information are encoded and available in digital form.

Here are some of the research applications best suited for CATI

  1. Quantitative consumer research
  2. Business research
  3. Advertisement and promotion related research
  4. Media research

At Global Survey, our CATI stations are continuously geared to efficient data collection at the highest quality standards.

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We excel at user-friendly CAWI studies


Computer-assisted web interviews (CAWI) is a methodology wherein a questionnaire is provided to the respondent with a link to a website or a panel. It is the most economical way of collecting survey data as it does not require interviews, extra tools, or devices. This is the main reason why CAWI is one of the most common methods of collecting information.

When you opt for CAWI at Global Survey, we focus on how we construct the questionnaires to ensure we’ll be able to generate quality answers from our panel.

We make CAWI convenient for our users:

  • Excellent clarity: We carefully structure the questionnaires for easier comprehension, thus ensuring quality response rate.
  • Cost reduction: No need for actual printing of questionnaires and hiring additional people to conduct the interviews.
  • Guides: We give clear-cut instructions that our respondents can easily comprehend and complete the survey.
  • Time-saving: The time for analyzing the data is reduced as data gathered are collected in real-time.



Gain invaluable insights


Central Location Test (CLT) is a methodology of quantitative research. Our researchers find a suitable location that complements the research objectives in the shortest amount of time by conducting a study on a controlled environment.

CLT’s provide participant’s raw feedback, body language even facial reactions. CLT is the most suitable method for advertising effectiveness, concepts, packaging, products, and conducting sensory research.

 Know why you must choose Global survey for high-quality of CLT services

  1. Wide variety of panel: Our large number of panel can easily meet the required respondents needed for the study.
  2. Variety in venue: We provide various venues to satisfy the demand of the clients.
  3. Well trained interviewers: Our research staff perform data quality check as soon as participants complete the questionnaire. Questionnaires that are not qualified are sent back to the interviewers for cross-checking and validation.
  4. Advanced technology: Global Survey has developed a comprehensive online review. The quality of CLT is improved in terms of interview environment, speed, and data quality collected.