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Growth, sustainability &
transformation are the idealogies
we embrace at "Global Survey"

Our combined ideologies pivotally form the cohesion essential to us providing unparalleled, totally ethical, and completely reliable global data collection solutions.

Moreover, each member of the Global Survey team has a genuine passion for the market research industry and all it embodies.

More than just your standard MR Consultancy

Who are we?

A global team of over 50 market researchers, pioneering data collection solutions with pure drive and real ambition.

We have been ignited into action by founder Mayank Bhanushali. Since 2008, Global Survey has been providing award-winning panel and online market research solutions around the world.

We’re fuelled by a desire to revolutionise the way we collect and analyse market research data. Our aspiration to innovate allows us to offer and create outside-the-box and end-to-end research project management services.

What are we so
passionate about?

Not everyone enjoys trawling through countless questionnaires or screens full of what seems (to some) to be uncompilable research data.

However, at Global Survey, our team most certainly do!

In fact, an obsession with market research methodologies and data collection procedures is a prerequisite for all employees. That, alongside another shared ideology – that all relationships are built on trust, compassion, and mutual respect.

Take your data collection methods to the next level by partnering with diligent market research consultants who are ahead of the research game.

Why Global Survey?

Why should GS be
your next professional
market research partner?

Global Survey is a leading light in data collection solutions and one of the world’s fastest growing market research consultancy companies.

In 14 years, Mayank has been able to grow us from one man on a mission to an ever-expanding global team of consummate research professionals.

Currently partnering with over 300 customers in more than 35 countries, we’ve vast research experience. We have the expertise and excellent skillsets that enable us to provide unrivalled levels of data collection integrity and reliability.

Moreover, every market research project we manage is created and tailored to meet the exacting needs of the individual client. This is done by curating partnerships with our clients that are built on our shared ideals, transparency, and hard work.

What we provide…

  • Tailored qualitative and quantitative market research solutions.
  • Innovative online research and data collection methods.
  • Both diverse and homogenous panel research, online panels, focus groups, and more…

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Our Mission


Helping craft and innovate the future of the global market research industry.


Be a one-stop research consultancy meeting all our clients’ market research requirements.


Deliver actionable and deeply researched insights in an ethical manner using up-to-the-minute data collection methodologies.


Reach every type of consumer and business professional from around the globe.

Our Clients

Increase your
customer’s engagement
with Global Survey services.

From Fortune 500 companies and global industries to non-profit organisations and small-scale businesses, we have a diverse and dynamic portfolio of clients.

Private or public, business or consumer, we take great care to get to know our clients and truly partner with them. Their objectives, audiences, and products become our own as we develop market research projects, strategies, and solutions that go beyond expectations.

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