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Other Services

Our expertise is based on utilizing different programming tools used within the market research data collection. Just reach out to us so that we can help you decide the best service to help your company based on your needs.

Programming (on all the major tools)

Our expertise is focused on navigating different programming tools used within the market research data collection, survey design, data processing, coding, and reporting stages. Be it ConfirmIt, Quantum, ASKIA, Nebu, or Dimensions, or web languages to prepare interactive and engaging surveys, we have the capabilities to deliver successful outcomes with these tools and languages.

Data Processing

Our data processing competencies help us to turn mere numbers to useful insights. We use various tools like SPSS and Quantum to do a thorough job of various activities within data processing. We are adept at cleaning the data and organizing it to a common layout for all respondent records. We then validate the data. Lastly, we create tables cross on important pointers like demographics, gender, and age group.


Get secure and accurate transcription done for audio files to aid your research process. We take multiple types of MR inputs like phone survey recordings, marketing campaign feedback, focus group discussions, group session discussions, and one on one phone interview recordings.


We help in the translation of responses to a commonly used language, such as English. This ensures that all responses are correctly interpreted, which lets the information be easily organized and categorized. We help translate research briefings, survey documents, product descriptions, and research packs.

Contact us at Global Survey to know more about the different solutions we offer with the help of our extensive market research experience.

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