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Online Research

Get in-depth data on your market and utilize these data into creating new strategies. Global Survey is known for its reputation for excellence in B2B research and market intelligence.With the help of our online research, we provide a complete insight into the market, along with many levels of strong information.



An extraordinary expreience in B2B online surveys



Global Survey has developed an excellent reputation for excellence in business to business (B2B) research and market intelligence. For a complete insight into the market, we make sure to provide our clients with in-depth information.

Our B2B market research competencies help companies to:

  1. Measure customers changing needs
  2. Acquire competitive intelligence
  3. Discover new opportunities
  4. Make better business decisions

Why use B2B research?

B2B companies require extensive market research that lets them know more about their customers and their purchase behaviors. It helps them gain valuable information about following:

  1. Competitors
  2. Shifts in economy
  3. Current trends in the market
  4. Insights of customer
  5. New opportunities

The B2B market research companies often test products, services, market opportunity, and advertisements for the following outcome:

  1. Distinctiveness – what sets them apart from other companies?
  2. Desirability –what would make their customers consider their product?
  3. Affinity - what would make their customers loyal to their brand?

At Global Survey, we offer hybrid intelligence in B2B research that integrates research and competitive insights.

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Customer insights that enable better decision making for businesses



At Global Survey, we do not only understand the consumer's behavior and motivation, but we know how to reach and study them. Our market research on consumers delivers intelligence and insights that help businesses perform better.

Global Survey does the following to ensure you get the best quality business to consumer (B2C) research company solution.

  1. Offer tools and techniques for a variety of analysis and interviewing
  2. Provide advice on the people to interview, and the sample size required
  3. Provide quantitative and qualitative research services
  4. Conduct local, regional, national, and international research
  5. Recommend research methodologies based on the objectives
  6. Ensure you get valuable data that you can utilize in making business decisions
  7. Provide thorough analysis, including on-going support and recommendations

Global Survey research can help with the following:

  1. Recommendations, customer satisfaction, and retention including Kano analysis
  2. Service/product testing, introduction, and development
  3. Personal analysis – segmentation according to need and pen portraits.
  4. Experience of the customer that includes customer journey mapping
  5. Opinion poll

Why select Global survey for B2C research?

Our researchers have extensive experience in the B2C sector, working in PR and communications, retail, leisure and hospitality, and food and beverage industry. Our research solution ensures you reach your target audience using the correct research methodology.

Health care

Phenomenal experience in healthcare surveys

Health care


Health care means the services we receive from the health professionals; older adults care in nursing homes, allied services, and drugs used to maintain the health and body of mind. We have specialists in healthcare market research that provide world-class studies on patients, medics, and healthcare administrators.

We have vast experience in researching healthcare markets. We have access to general practitioners, specialists, nurses, pharmacists, patients, and healthcare assistants.Our market research interviewers speak every day to healthcare professionals who run medical centers, hospitals, care homes, and dental surgeries. They are responsible for making essential buying decisions regularly.

Our experts know how to interact with them in their language and interpret their answers.

Here are some of the aspects that we research:

  1. Branding
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Segmentation
  4. Customer value proposition
  5. Communications
  6. Market assessment
  7. Channels

Why choose Global Survey?

  1. Experience – Over the years, we have worked with different therapies, interviewed patients, and hundreds of medics. We have the access and database of the right people in the healthcare field.
  2. Interviewers – we have highly skilled people who understand medical terminology.
  3. Quality assurance – our research interviewers undergo regular comprehensive training programs and assessments.
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