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Adaptable Survey Tool - Our Services - Global Survey - A Market Research Organizations

Adaptable Survey Tool

Utilize our cloud based tool to easily view, manage, and analyze results anywhere. At Global Survey, we use our proprietary tool, Adaptable, which provides a faster and affordable survey management back office panel for your Market Research project. The cloud based solution also helps you to easily view, manage, and analyze results from any location and any smart device.

Adaptable Survey Management Tool

We optimize processess and quickly provide results.

At Global Survey, our proprietary tool, Adaptable, ensures faster and cost-efficient survey management tools for your MR project. This cloud based solution helps you manage and analyze results from anywhere in the world using any available smart device. Using the Adaptable tool gives the following advantages:

  1. Faster access to data: Our data are stored on a secured and reliable cloud service. Information gathered are digitized, stored and are readily available for extraction which help save hundreds of manhours.

  2. Higher quality survey completion rates: Adaptable tool offers 256 bit encrypted tokens, respondents checks, and fraud protection based on country IP, language, browser inconsistency, and device inconsistency. These functions reduce the rate of fraudulent completes by as much as a whopping 95%!.

  3. MR processes are done faster: Once data collection is done, digitized and tabulated, our tool automatically provides real time visual reports and analysis, thus reducing the time spend for these steps.

  4. Better team collaboration: Enterprise grade security and API integration removes friction from getting things done. This helps the team to work in parallel and move faster.

A suite of power packed features

  1. General Dashboard to view statistics of projects in testing, running, on-hold or completed
  2. Define Supported Device for the Study
  3. Configurable LOI Speeder Checking default at 40%
  4. Browser Redirects for All
  5. Supports S2S Postback End Links
  6. Pre Screeners per Study
  7. Unicode Language Support
  8. Qualification Master
  9. Multiple Reports like Client Summary, Client Performance, Vendor Summary, Project Manager Performance, Sales Manager Performance, Download IDs etc..
  10. Rectify/Map Respondent IDs for project.

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