Exceptional Quality Client Servicing Now Accessible

We, at Global Survey, have built the full range of capabilities in top of the line market research project management. Our experienced project managers help add value at every stage of the overall research study execution. Some of the key responsibilities we perform include –

Before Administration of the Survey

  • Assist the client in setting up research objectives.
  • Determine most appropriate survey administration approach, mode, and method.
  • Get budgets, timelines, and expectations aligned from the client and drilled down within the team.
  • Assist in developing most appropriate data collection methods and approaches.
  • Look after seamless coordination between internal team and client side.
  • .Determine most appropriate sample quota and screening.
  • Liaise with Project Directors to monitor fieldwork and sample performance.

After Administration of the Survey

  • Extract patterns, trends, and recurring themes from the data collected
  • Convert data points into key learnings for decision makers
  • Generate visually appealing reports and suggest business recommendations to client
  • Be a single point of contact for all escalations, issues, collaboration, and communication

As evident, our team of project managers lets you access world class market research resources, technology, and human capital, and free you up to grow your business division.