Aligning the Right Respondents to the Right Survey

With Global Survey working with you on your panel building and ongoing panel management needs, you need not worry about the quality of respondents answering your survey. Get immediate access to millions of panel members that are carefully chosen, vetted, and maintained in our proprietary panel spanning 26 markets the world over.

Our panel members are chosen with a rigorous double opt-in verification process. These members depict the true representation of a country’s population. We make certain that once selected, they are periodically checked for their performance in order to continue with our panel. This endeavor for the highest level of panel quality over the long term, makes us at Global Survey one of the first choices of panel and fieldwork specialists in the world.

At the survey level, we make valuable contributions to increase the efficacy of the research study. Our rigorous assessment helps us to strategize based on survey requirement. For instance, if we anticipate a less responsive group (like CEO’s or very small target audience) we make sure to oversample, so that all the quotas can be met satisfactorily. We also have a dedicated Panel Station mobile app to enhance panelist experience.