Mobile Centric Data Collection Made Smarter

Global Survey uses industry endorsed platforms for administering, managing, and running mobile surveys to accomplish your research objectives. Keeping in line with the substantial shift in smartphone usage for every type of activity by more than 2 billion smartphone users, we let you target this group with tremendous success. Our team of market research and technology development experts can blend in the best of both worlds and provide a superior survey experiences geared specifically for the mobile.

Our programming team develops mobile surveys that work universally irrespective of the screen size, OS, form factor of the mobile used by a respondent. This ensures a consistent user experience that is geared for better respondent engagement and better completion rates. We offer a range of survey programming capabilities that include industry favorites like ASKIA, ConfirmIT, or HTML5. It can also include exclusive solutions like LUMI to build surveys that gather rich data combined with native phone features like biometrics, location tracking, and bar code scanning.

If you are looking to deploy responsive surveys that deliver an excellent respondent experience and improve long-term engagement via the mobile, then we at Global Survey are just one phone call away.