Accuracy and Efficiency – Our Key Data Processing Skills

For better insights, the data that is being for analytics needs to pass through various stages – transformation, merging, validating, coding of OE data, and tabulating it for best results. This is where the dedicated data processing team at Global Survey shows its true forte as a truly global company. We have the resources and the flexibility to adapt our expertise to our specific data set and use the numbers to extract true blue insights.

Our experience makes us confident of handling very large dataset spanning million plus respondents. We have also executed data merging for trackers running for more than 2 years. For our data processing skills, we profess the below expertise –

  • Data preparation – If the data set is not organized or if there are multiple data files, we first prepare them for further processing.
  • Data conversion – We also help in converting data from one format to another across ASCII, SPSS data, Quanvert, XML, CSV, Dimensions, or HTML.
  • Data Validation – The data is checked for accuracy, business logic, and integrity.
  • Weighting – The data is assigned weights to be representative of a given sample or the universe.
  • OE Coding – We use data from Excel or Ascribe to code OE responses for better quantification of responses.
  • Tabulation –The data is organized into banners and tables for aggregated result checking for the survey data.