Use Our CATI Expertise to Your Benefit

CATI is a great data collection channel to use in case of low internet penetration markets or a difficult-to-reach audience. It is also a more powerful approach that lets you determine actual respondents’ feelings and challenges in real-time. Our well-qualified personnel and well equipped CATI setup ensure advanced functionalities such as lower potential of interviewer errors through automatic routing and strategic navigation. This, in turn, increases the accuracy of the data collected and improves completion rates substantially.

Our CATI strength allows us to pass on the below insights generation benefits to your clients -

  • Real time feedback on survey questions with accuracy.
  • High degree of productivity that helps you achieve the desired number of completes faster.
  • Ensure a faster time to market of survey data for further processing and analytics.
  • You gain better leverage in case of multi-country or multi-lingual projects.

The dedicated CATI stations are a testimony to our focus on growing CATI as a reliable data collection medium with quality standards that surpasses industry benchmarks. Do schedule a short call with us to know more about how our data collection capabilities can enhance your research study objectives.