Introducing industry-first secure features for better data collection

At Global Survey, providing Quality is our core value, fundamental to all our services.

To extend this core value for our partners, we have taken steps to build a robust platform, armed with powerful tools that help counter some of the deterministic and probabilistic challenges of our times!

The current scenario on data collection indicates

We understand that the efficacy of a survey is only as relevant to how secure the platform on which it was recorded.We have taken due consideration of these limitations and amidst the ever-evolving functionalities of our platform taken appropriate measures to make it more secure.


While other platforms rely on Digital fingerprinting, we have introduced the following features along traditional methods, to ensure the registered data is bullet…spamproof.

URL manipulation
URL Manipulation, is one of the strongest tools in a hacker’s virtual toolbox. Through this, the hackers easily dupe customers to fill falsified fields which malign the end data. In surveys this is used to fill multiple entries.

Cross panel tracker
Our platform can now track data sifting through multiple panels before it reaches the end-user. The data recorded can now be tracked right from its source. This helps is keeping a track of the quality of data.

Bot detection
Spam Bots, Automated bots, programmable to auto-fill data bots might be everywhere else but for our partners they are a worry of the past! We detect these bots through spikes in the data recorded and quality checks are implemented in real-time.

Behavioral tracking
We are now able to track if a particular user was online for an unusually long-time or online for a suspiciously short-while. Machine –learning algorithms help us monitor user behavior.

Consultative Services
While other platforms, may consider the end-goal to be merely the submission of data, we go one step ahead by providing consultations. This helps our team analyze and thereby act- upon any unusual activity in the data collected.

Language processing and augmentation
We have implemented advanced algorithms on our platform that perform beyond just filtering out garbage keywords. Through advanced machine learning processes our platform can now track open-ended entries in the form of plagiarized and copy + pasted responses on the clients end. That’s not all; our platform also monitors the engagement levels and user sentiment.


All data collected on our platform, gets filtered out in stages on our platform, In the first stage we execute,

  • Cookie check
  • Speedster Check
  • IP address check
  • PID check
  • Hashed email check

In the second stage we perform rigorous IP Fraud checks

In stage three, we monitor the data through set machine learning algorithms so as to track click farms and identify simultaneous survey attempts.

Overall, our mission at Global Survey is to ensure quality data collection that directly reflects in higher conversion rates for our end-users. In the long-term we will enable deeper predictive analysis and attach attributes to respondents.