Future of Field-Force and Changing Role of MR in times of Covid-19

Future of Field-Force and Changing Role of MR in times of Covid-19: An Insight into the Indian HealthCare System During Covid-19 and Post-covid.

“Global Survey, together with IPSOS, conducted a thorough research on decoding the future role of MedReps, as well as gather sufficient and useful data to understand doctor interactions with patients, pharmaceutical companies, and Medical Reps before, during, and after COVID-19 in India.”

India’s overburdened health infrastructure is ill-prepared to handle an epidemic such as COVID-19

Like the rest of the world, India’s HealthCare system has been found vulnerable to COVID-19. As thousands of people seeking medical attention flock through the halls and fill hospital beds, it didn’t take long for India’s Health care infrastructure to start unraveling. Massive shortage of resources for manpower, medicine, medical equipment such as beds, ventilators etc., made this epidemic more catastrophic, not only for India, but for the rest of the world.

Moreover, with 3.7% GDP, it is anticipated that the Indian Healthcare system isn't getting enough investments, which makes it the lowest priority in India.

Uncertainty about the disease leading to treatment challenges

Four months into the novel CoronaVirus pandemic, it's still unclear to doctors if it will be a single outbreak or a seasonal infection. Doctors anticipate it will take approx. a year to bring the infection under control which has impacted their practice drastically, especially while starting/ switching patients to new therapies.

COVID-19’s infection rate, mutation speed, complexity, and its mysterious way of attaching and attacking the human body, prompted our Medical Practitioners to completely diversify the process of treating patients through remote, digital, and telephonic consultations. With the advent of technology and the advances in connected HealthCare devices such as “wearables,” sensors, etc., doctors are now starting to track patients’ health remotely. With shortage of doctors and medical practitioners still on the rise, this study also explains how leveraging the Medical Field Force (Med Reps) can be of tremendous help in our battle with COVID-19.

Remote consultation is perceived to be quite effective

Almost 70% of remote consultation sessions were rated at least as/ more effective as in-person consults.

Change in practice dynamics- significant increase in Remote consultations; likely to stay

Patient visits currently are significantly lesser than pre-COVID-19 levels. Post COVID too, most expect lesser in-clinic patients compared to earlier.

Remote/ tele-consultation now accounts for roughly half of all patient visits and comprises more of phone vis a vis online platforms (VC/ WA) or SMS; will account for over a third in future.

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