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Global Survey has significantly expanded its portfolio of offerings meant for the Market Research industry. Our growth story is built on deep domain experience and expertise. We are good at adapting to evolving technology and MR landscape to emerge as the first choice of partners for outsourcing Market Research end to end activities.

Along with demonstrable RoI, our full service offerings also help clients with uncovering newer opportunities and avenues to enhance their bottom-lines. For any and every type of MR study, we have a team that can augment your core strength and let you service your client in with the same level of professionalism and caliber.

The surveys designed by us elevate the degree of respondent engagement with rich elements and amazing UI/UX experience. If you have the data we have a team that can carry out a multitude of acitivties like data merging, validation, tables production, OE coding, weighting, and analysis.

Our Services

Our holistic Market Research outsourcing services

Qual Research

If you need a skilled team of survey specialists for IDI the Global Survey can offer it to you. Our team of IDI interviewers are experienced in finding out detailed opinions, belief, and attitudes from every single respondent for carefully chosen qual interview questions.

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Quantitative Research

Computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI) and Pencil and paper interview (PAPI) are the methods used to increase the accuracy and efficiency of Face to Face (F2F) data collection. With CAPI, the interviewer introduces the answer on a tablet with an image software installed.

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Online Research

Global Survey has developed an unparallel reputation for excellence in B2B research and market intelligence. For a complete insight into the market, we provide our clients with many levels of information. Business to business transactions involves the sale of one company’s sale of product and services to another company.

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Business Research Tool Kit

At Global Survey we employ the below types of solutions to aid in market research and marketing functions of your business.

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At Global Survey, we have built and cultivated a highly motivate respondent panel across diverse demographics, industries, and other dynamics. We help to recruit and maintain your own panel for specific market research studies. With rigorous QA and meticulous process, we ensure that the respondents from the panel are scrubbed for validity, authenticity, and accuracy.

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At Global Survey, our proprietary tool, Adaptable, ensures faster and cost efficient survey management back office panel for your MR project. The cloud based solution helps you manage and analyze results from any geography and any smart device.

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Other Services

We have a forte in deploying expertise on different programming tools used within the market research data collection, survey design, data processing, coding, and reporting stages. Be it ConfirmIt, Quantum, ASKIA, Nebu, or Dimensions, or web languages to prepare interactive and engaging surveys, we have the capabilities to deliver successful outcomes with these tools and languages.

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