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Panel services


At Global Survey, we have built and cultivated a highly motivate respondent panel across diverse demographics, industries, and other dynamics. We help to recruit and maintain your own panel for specific market research studies. With rigorous QA and meticulous process, we ensure that the respondents from the panel are scrubbed for validity, authenticity, and accuracy. This step ensures that the panel you choose for your specific research project will provide you with relevant and meaningful insights. You get a pre-qualified community that is fit to take your particular survey and provide you with insights that will help you with actionable insights and ease your senior leadership’s decision-making process.

With our proprietary panel management software solution, we at Global Survey can easily set up, recruit, maintain, and validate panel members as per your distinct research specifications. Since you send surveys to targeted members, you can expect the feedback and data collected to better quality and prompt.


Security at the heart of our panel management competencies

With millions of engaged panelists on our database, you can easily pick up targeted survey-takers to ask for their opinions, thoughts, and views about a particular subject matter that is core to your market research survey. Our adherence to security and privacy norms within MR helps us maintain a robust online panel.

  • We will never share details of panelist without their explicit consent
  • We review the questionnaire thoroughly to verify that the subject matter is relevant to a panel member
  • We employ only ethical ways to source a respondent for a panel. They are typically recruited via advertising with a clear recommendation to join an online panel for market research purposes
  • We use a double opt-in method to cement the knowledge to join and second chance to confirm the joining
  • We continuously profile them for their areas of interest and their chosen subjects. This way, we can easily categorize them into groups with similar habits, interests, and areas of expertise
  • We ensure more and more of ‘clean interviews’ by catching practices like straight-lining, rushed answers, and illogical or unreasonable responses

Trust us at Global Survey as we have built and maintained our own panel with a spread in 26 markets across B2B, consumer, and healthcare verticals. Give us a call to know more about our panel services

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