The dawn of a new year signals not just resolutions but a strategic roadmap for growth. As we embark on a journey to redefine success, can market research be the compass guiding us toward agility and triumph in our business endeavors?

According to U.S. News, around 80% of resolutions face demise by the second week of February. However, armed with rational and strategic plans, we're poised to challenge the odds and surpass our business goals.

Goals and Resolutions:

1. Increase Your Market Share:

  • Resolution 1: Test products before mass production through Product Testing research to avoid failures.
  • Resolution 2: Continuously observe the market for new revenue channels and consumer behavior shifts.
  • Resolution 3: Employ Mystery Shopping and Net Promoter Score studies to understand competitors and steal market share.
  • Resolution 4: Utilize Concept Testing research to build marketing campaigns backed by data.
  • Resolution 5: Drive sales by identifying and leveraging growth levers through constant research.

2. Enhance Your Customer Experience at Sales Channels:

  • Resolution 6: Excel in in-store execution activities with Store Audit studies for immediate actions.
  • Resolution 7: Improve customer experience through continuous Mystery Shopping and In-store Experience studies.

3. Be an Agile Brand:

  • Resolution 8: Revise tactical plans based on shifting consumer behavior using Consumer Pulse research.
  • Resolution 9: React to market changes through Consumer Research studies measuring the pulse of the public.
  • Resolution 10: Partner with a smart research company, like Global Survey, for efficient, agile, and budget-friendly solutions.

Navigating the Agile Path: In a world where markets and consumers evolve rapidly, the key to success is agility. At Global Survey, we empower you to achieve sustainable growth by reducing the time spent on research, collecting high-quality data, and allowing you more time to strategize.

Conclusion: As we step into 2024, being agile is paramount. The markets are changing faster than ever, and being agile as a brand is the key to success. Global Survey is your partner in this journey, offering solutions that fit your needs and propel your business into the next generation of research.

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Jan 01, 2024