In today's fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead of the curve demands well-informed decisions. But how can you access the data-driven insights you need to thrive in an ever-evolving market? In this edition, we embark on a journey through the transformative trends shaping the landscape of market research in 2023. From the video revolution to the power of AI-driven real-time research, we explore how these trends are reshaping methodologies, amplifying inclusivity, and providing businesses with unparalleled opportunities for growth.

 Exploring the Video Revolution in Market Research:

  • The Video Takeover: Discover how market researchers are increasingly relying on online/video focus groups and in-depth video interviews, driven by a 93% surge in utilization over the past three years.
  • The Pandemic Effect: Uncover the role of the pandemic in accelerating the acceptance of video, with the rise of platforms like Zoom making consumers more comfortable in front of the camera.

 Enhancing Customer Experience with Humanity:

  • Humanity in Customer Experience: Delve into the shift towards personalized experiences and the profound benefits reported by Forbes, including increased shopping cart sizes, higher sales figures, and improved profit margins.

 Discovering Real-Time Insights through Social Media Listening:

  • The Potency of Social Media Listening: Explore the invaluable insights provided by social media platforms, offering real-time access to market dynamics and capturing market sentiment as it unfolds.
  • Tools for All Market Research Players: Learn about platforms like Global Survey, recognized among the Top 20 Data Collection Companies in 2023, offering tools for businesses of all sizes.

 What is MaxDiff and What are its Benefits?:

  • MaxDiff Research Design: Uncover the power of Maximum Difference Scaling in measuring relative preferences and its benefits, including reduced response biases and efficient survey design.
  • Key Elements and Benefits: Explore the key elements of MaxDiff research design and the benefits it brings to quantifying and comparing preferences.

 Revolutionizing Market Research with End-to-End Platforms:

  • The Rise of Holistic Research: Understand how businesses are embracing holistic research approaches, integrating survey design, programming, sampling, and reporting into unified platforms.
  • Boosting Efficiency and Collaboration: Explore the time and cost efficiency benefits of end-to-end platforms and how they foster collaboration among diverse research projects.

Beyond Boundaries with Adjacent Market Strategies:

  • Understanding Adjacent Markets: Navigate through the increasing significance of adjacent market competition, showcasing the need for businesses to explore consumer behavior across sectors.
  • Learn from Uber's Success: Take a page from Uber's playbook, understanding how agility and innovation in adjacent markets can lead to resilience and success.

 AI-driven Real-time Research Takes Center Stage:

  • Speedy Insights with AI: Witness the shift from traditional methods to AI-driven real-time research, offering unparalleled speed and precision.
  • Adapting to Thrive: Learn how businesses embracing AI gain a competitive edge, making strategic decisions in real time and adapting to the dynamic market landscape.

 Embracing Inclusivity in Market Research:

  • Expanding Horizons: Unveil the transformative shift towards inclusivity in market research, facilitated by advanced technology and flexible research methodologies.
  • Aim for Diversity, Aim for Success: Understand the benefits of aiming for sample diversity, offering businesses a more comprehensive understanding of their target audience.



As we conclude this journey through the dynamic trends of 2023, it's evident that market research is undergoing a significant transformation. From the power of video and AI to the embrace of inclusivity, businesses have unprecedented opportunities to gain insights, adapt strategies, and thrive in an ever-evolving market landscape. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore the latest trends and strategies shaping the world of market research. Thank you for being a valued subscriber to Global Survey's Market Insights newsletter. If you have any questions or would like to delve deeper into these trends, feel free to reach out to our team.


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Dec 06, 2023