These days, businesses will pay top buck to get a deeper understanding of customers and their purchase decisions. They want to know the things people take into account before making that final purchase.  It is all about data these days! That’s where research steps in. That’s where online services can help.  


‘How do businesses lock in on the one online research platform to benefit them?’


If you are a business owner looking for the Best Online Survey Platform to choose from then look no further as we have layered down a list of essential points for you to consider.

Project management

Does the platform you are looking for provide you with end-to-end project management?  This is a critical question to consider. Would you rather not opt for services which have catered to thousands of clients with great positive results?

An end-to-end scenario includes everything from survey scripting to the final visualization of data.

A self-sufficient platform equates to lesser workload on your staff, they can be freed for other effective processes, thereby directly improving company productivity.

Survey programming

How effective is your survey platform? Does it integrate industry-best practices?  Does it integrate with other platforms to give you a service that’s flawless and effective? These are some of the things to ask before locking in a survey provider.  

A powerful survey platform is one which allows you to seamlessly integrate with other online services.


Data processing

Data processing is multi-layered and happens in stages - Transformation, merging, validating, coding of OE data, and tabulating.

The best insights are born out of efficient data processing methodologies. As a business it should be your prime focus to work with a company that has the knowledge and experience of working with large data sets.

At Global Survey, we have worked with very large data sets that comprised of millions of respondents. Our robust set up allows us to cater to a wide audience. At any given point, our servers are registering and processing large amounts of data.


Data visualization

Is the data that you are getting presented to you in a manner that is easy to comprehend? Did the data you receive made you smile and ponder or were the overwhelming strings of numbers and excel sheets a bit too much to process.  

The insights that you receive should make you happy. There should be compelling story that leads to your next decision.

The key to good data visualization is simplicity. At no point should the data you present to stake holders be littered with jargons and one-too-many touch points. Good survey companies will give you data that is precise, well-structured, concise and easy to read.

Global data collection

The data that you as a company owner are looking for should be working towards your business objectives. It should have well-researched and actionable insights for you to work with and expand upon.

A well-established survey company would have a suite of services to offer you unparalleled flexibility.

At Global Survey, this is what ‘flexibility of services equates to’

1 - Research Operations Management – Through which you can manage all operational activities of your projects while dedicate your energies on growing client engagement and your business

Online – Our panel comprises of more than a million members spread across 26 markets.

CATI – With strong QA processes and technology infrastructure, we help you know your respondent’s voice better.

Offline – Our experienced field professionals are adept in extracting gold nuggets of information to aid your offline market research study.

Go Mobile – Get a mobile-centric survey designed, developed, and deployed with success


Panel and field management

If you were to pin down on one key factor that determines the success of your survey generation requirements, it would be the quality of your respondents.

If the respondents are not properly screened, the overall quality of the project is heavily impacted. The data collected, no longer relevant.

At Global Survey, we take screening of our respondents as our top most priority. Through simple effective and timely processes like the double opt in method and periodic checks we ensure that quality results are delivered to our partners.


In conclusion

To summarize, you may take a look at the above point and pin down a couple if not all points before making your final decision. Remember, when it comes to quality, it’s usually best to stick to the experts.

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Jun 26, 2020