In the digital world, being agile pays off.


As complexities rise, teams from different continents collaborate; the digital solutions businesses now seek are getting more and more demanding. You got to keep up with the latest trends or you risk being obliterated by the competition.

 That’s where powerful automation comes in. It allows businesses to allocate their valuable resources into more complex tasks that machines cannot do, like setting up new infrastructure for progress.


At Global Survey, we always like to challenge ourselves by asking one simple question,

 “How can we change the existing systems for the better?”

In line with our companies vision, we have now made our back-office panel even more powerful by adding features that allow you to manage and analyze results anytime, anywhere.

The panel boasts of the highest level data encryption, fraud protection and even checking and resolving browser and device inconsistency.

What this reflects back in stats is a,

~ A 1.5 increase in revenue per survey. This translates to happy investors.

~ Reduce risk of fraudulent completes by over 95%*. Yup, we don’t like half-baked surveys ourselves

~ 20% reduction on the dependence for support. Yes, we know the pains of getting through to them.

~ Increased ROI by over 300% per survey. A true goldmine.

Through our new API integrations our partners will now be able to take advantage of features like

~ Automatically fetch available surveys

~ Mark surveys which are of interest

~ Fetch qualification for live surveys

The possibilities are truly endless”.


If while reading this you were thinking of the security aspect of it, then take a look at the following features we provide to ensure fraud at all levels is prevented.

Our tools are able to detect proxy browsers.

They can even validate the exact location from where the survey has been sourced.

Theirs is even deeper level of data available like the name of the Internet service provider, open/anonymous proxy.

Our tools even rectify device and browser inconsistencies while raising a red flag when it detects an uncommon browser or OS.

To add this we even let users configure their protection plan as they please. Yes, we know how important being protected online is!


 Let us build the ideal scenario for you, where,

Teams across the globe are working in congruence and with seamless efficiency

While also being able to visualize and monitor data in real-time?

Well, it’s all possible now!

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Jul 03, 2020