Global Market Research Leader Offering Free Covid-19 Vaccinations to Employees

Global Survey Confirms Value in Keeping Staff Safe and Productive

ORLANDO, Fla.— March 26, 2021 — Today, Global Survey, one of the world’s leading global data collection companies, announced that the company would pay all expenses for its employees in the U.S., India and the UK to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Global Survey decided to provide vaccinations for employees with the available, two-dose vaccines in an effort to assure personal and company safety. The initiative will make it safer for employees to work in the company’s central locations and when they travel. The vaccinations will also benefit those workers with older parents and family members who may have compromised health issues and are only authorized to be in the presence of vaccinated people to avoid transmission.

“It is crucial for everyone to be vaccinated,” said Founder and Managing Director, Mayank Bhanushali. “We value our hard-working staff in the USA, India and the UK. All our staff work tirelessly for clients and the company feels that the least we can do is to thank them for their loyalty and help them get vaccinated.”

Global Survey is first choice for market research outsourcing. The company works with over 300 customers across 35 countries. Its clients are quite diverse including Fortune 500 companies and all manner of large and small scale businesses. The company is known for its expertise in providing qualitative and quantitative research. Global Survey also offers targeted business and panels research. It grows, sustains and transforms organizations with first-class end-to-end market research solutions with unparalleled levels of data integrity and reliability. Service is at the forefront of Global Survey. Customers with valuable data count on Global Survey’s professional team that specializes in data merging, validation, tables production, OE coding, weighting and analysis.

Mar 26, 2021