The market research industry is an ever-evolving one. It is essential to consider all the essential things. Most of the surveys are conducted on mobile devices. However, most of the survey platforms are crucial and need to be determined in the mobile-friendly aspect.


If there is no proper user experience, then there is no potential of using the exposure accordingly. Over the years, there has been a massive rise in the market research industry. And it is being expected that with the coming times, things will change eventually, thereby paving the way for better business. Longer surveys can subsequently prove to be tiring. Therefore, it is necessary to consider every aspect of proper ideas.


In 2020, it is being anticipated the market researchers will have more data available to them than the usual. While this may appear as a blessing, it may prove to be a curse at the same time. It is essential to be focused on creating innovative products and better opportunities. The researchers need to follow the trends effectively to enhance decision-making capacity.


But this isn't all. Some of the prominent trends for the market research industry include the following.


Qualitative research will be on the rise

It is being anticipated that in 2020, qualitative research will see an increase in the market. The clients always look for feedback directly from their customers. Traditional qualitative research is beneficial, but not only does it dull the customer experience, but it also consumes a lot of time. It is for this reason that different types of qualitative feedback are coming in to enhance the overall experience.




Online focus groups are coming into prominence, thereby allowing the market researchers to focus on more people in a shorter period by checking the contents and messages in real-time. The respondents over the years are also looking for ways to ensure video sharing and record how they can interact with the website.


All the information available is proving to be helpful for the color qualitative research of the clients. One of the most important things to consider about this is that these are extremely budget-friendly. This is contributing to the growth of the online community, where people are allowed to share open dialogue.


With the coming in of qualitative research, the respondents can work towards submitting the video diaries within the required time frame. This further proves to be extremely beneficial for the researchers as it offers more flexibility. Moreover, the customers also get to ask questions during a project. All these methods help the researchers to collect information via different means. This also helps to interact with the customers properly.


Although quantitative research will exist in the market, qualitative research will exist in the market. Quantitative research will help create satisfaction, awareness, and perceptions. This is also helpful for creating brand awareness and associations. Both methods will continue to exist in peace with each other as it will help reach more people using different methods of technology.


Improved customer experience

The market research industry, 2020, is going to be all about more focus on the customers. The constant and gradual shift in the market is very much prevalent. This will no longer be limited to convince people to purchase from your company. The prominent focus will be more on the existing customers and to ensure their satisfaction. If you have a positive impact on the business culture, it will eventually start growing, thereby proving to be beneficial. The coming in of online content has proven to be extremely helpful for businesses. The customers will no longer wait for you to describe the product because they are going to do most of the research on their own.




The coming in of voice search and smart speakers has proven to be extremely beneficial for the business. Even though the readable contents exist in the market, it is necessary to focus more on the visuals and designs of the business.


Voice search is surely one of the most important things to consider. With the coming in of voice search, creating more and more content has proven to be extremely useful. Although voice search is necessary, market researchers shouldn't avoid the importance of visual content.


The current researches have shown that people focus more on visual content than the plain text. You need to focus more on image-based platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and more because they tend to have more customer base.


The companies are proceeding towards visual search technology. The current surveys suggest that images have helped to enhance Google searches by 20%. Moreover, the millennials are more interested in image-based content than plain content.



Data collection and development has only increased in the industry. This has eventually proved to be very beneficial for the personalization status. This also has an impact on what the customers expect from your brand.


With the coming in of time, traditional advertising has lost its essence because the customers today receive different messages from different marketing channels. Surveys suggest that customers are more interested in doing business with brands that offer them a more personalized experience.





Marketing personalization, thus, is one of the most important things to consider. Global Survey is more focused on developing a personalized experience for the customers. With improved technology, AI has led to data collection and insights from different social media pages. This has eventually been helpful for hyper-personalized experience from content to design.


Planned Marketing Changes

Over the years, marketing has undergone different changes. The strategic marketing transformation refers to the process when a business operates in the market by evolving and changing the fundamental or traditional strategy or procedures.


The businesses can eventually benefit from the market research trend in the coming years. The combination of data collection, modern technology, and better customer relationships will help in boosting the customer presence in the business. It is necessary to focus on the strategies so that the departments and employees can be benefitted and not only the customers.


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Jan 03, 2020