Would you be continuing your business without knowing how your customer feels about you? No matter how great a business you are involved in, it is always necessary to take feedback and opinion from your customer. After all, they are the building block of your business. Aren't they?


What is the Voice of Customer?

As the name suggests, Voice of Customer refers to the varied opinion, view points, critical thoughts, sentiments and expectations. Being familiar with the Voice of Customer helps you bridge the gap between the customer's expectations and their actual experience.


Most companies in today's world are dependent on Voice of Customer. Why? They get to know different ways through which they can improve their service. Always remember, a positive word of mouth is stronger than anything else.

Getting VoC for your team would ensure that you are taking enough action for promoting the well-being of products. Whatever the customer expresses about your product, you should take note of that and proceed.


Why is it important?

Before you ask why is it important, let us just ask ourselves, why shouldn't it be?


Due to covid-19 outbreak, the world has changed at a rapid scale. This has eventually increased competition between different companies, especially if their product offerings are the same. Often you might feel that the person is wanting to steal it off from you. But are they?


You may be providing top-notch services and products to guarantee success, but whether or not it will be effective in the long run is still confusing. Apart from offering the best, a business should also be focused on building a loyal customer base.


Your customers not only expect high-quality products from you but service as well. Once you do that, customer loyalty will eventually be developed.


Almost all of us have been in a situation where despite getting the best product, we refuse to access it again due to lack of service. This is most prominent in the food industry, but it isn't limited to that.


What the customer says has an important role for your business. Thus, the Voice of Customer should never be suppressed and needs to be taken seriously.



VoC has unlimited benefits with the most prominent one being understanding the customers. Through VoC you can easily understand what the customer likes, dislikes and so on.


Based on the researched data, the business would take future steps to meet the customer demands in an affordable rate.


VoC helps to create a customer-centric environment, where businesses can prosper and help their customers.

How do I set up a business strategy?

Now that the concept of VoC has already impressed you, it is necessary to take care of other things too. Some of the effective points that can help you develop the right VoC strategy include the following


Know your goal

How do you plan to proceed without knowing what you want? So, before setting up the VoC strategy, you will need to list down a number of questions that can help you make your VoC strong.


Collect data

VoC is only effective for physical meetings. This is one of the most common assumptions that needs to be debunked. If you have been planning a VoC strategy and want to create a data record, make sure to reach out to the customers directly and understand them.


Analyse the VoC

Once the compilation is done, it is necessary to be careful with it. Make sure to use all valuable data and analyse VoC. Often you may feel that it is unrealistic but, it is very necessary to know what it is all about.


Draw a conclusion

Once you have analysed your VoC make sure to conclude how it can help your business in the long run. Your strategy will itself help your business grow.

Is VoC good for your business?



As suggested before itself, VoC helps to bridge the gap between the needs and expectations.


If you give importance to VoC you will be able to meet your customer expectations in a better way.


Some of the prominent ways through which VoC can help you include

Prevent brand crisis

Boost brand image

Help to improve customer service

Think forward


Despite the hard times in Covid-19, every business is putting in efforts for boosting the business. It is necessary to keep a check with your VoC and keep updating the strategy always for better business. Reach out to Global Survey at

Aug 07, 2020