Adding value has been the single-most quantifiable metric on which the success of any modern business is dependent on.


This leads us to the question - How does one add value to the existing systems? How does one improve a set methodology further?


Seasoned operators have a much better understanding of the eco-system. That is why it’s always a sound decision to collaborate with organizations that have spent a minimum of five years in the area of the said expertise you seek.


Our next blogs will explore some of the key elements of Survey Management based on the data we have accumulated over 9 years of work.


Today we will be looking at Survey Scripting. We will first address what it means and then look at the ways research organizations can provide an enhanced and intuitive experience to users.


What is Survey Scripting?


We are all used to filling questionnaires. Be it at the malls or at the supermarket and even at fancy restaurants.


While we tick boxes for the simple questions, the data we provide helps the business with key insights. These insights help businesses improve their service or product that will deem more attractive to their users.


Based on the same process, survey scripting is the digital version of a questionnaire. The distribution of this form happens through mobile phones. Respondents either interact with real people (CAPI) or talk with an interviewer via the phone (CATI)



Here are a few insights on how Survey scripting can be made better:


Develop Modern Survey Designs:

The fields of UI and UX have undergone rapid transformation. Design elements, be it the apps on your phone to the simple newspaper advertisements now use richer elements and provide for a great visual experience.


Surveys are no different. The better the design, the better the engagement will be.


People want to associate themselves with better-designed, premium looking products. It gives them a sense of pride. In our research, we found respondents more engaged in surveys with modern, fluid and visually appealing designed surveys. Better designed surveys subconsciously incentivize users to be honest with their responses during surveys.




Template Designing: Based on the same ethos of providing a more fluid experience to users, we let users decide the kind of survey they want to create. Our Surveys are fully customizable that let you pick and choose the color theme, types of buttons, number of options and more.


Image/Video Implementation: Respondents at times can find it useful to refer to images and videos to gain better clarity and understanding. Instead of the boring yesteryear type surveys, you can totally make interactive, responsive surveys come alive through the built in image and video adding feature.




There is a reason why the gaming industry is booming and continues to grow year on year. People love games. The instant gratification through earned XP points or topping virtual leaderboards with players from around the world is a matter of pride for users.



We’ve modeled the same principles to our processes so that respondents have a motive to be as transparent and honest while filling survey forms. There are amazon gift coupons amongst other prizes up for grabs for all the respondents of our surveys.


Interlocking Quotas:


Through interlocking quotas you can be rest assured that there are a definite number of people responding to your surveys and this would directly influence the end result. There by, giving you a better understanding of the collected data.


Algorithm Implementation:


Do you have any specific set of instructions that you want to implement on your surveys? Well now can try that by implementing algorithms that work on a set of processes. This recipe modification helps you to add set of instructions to lead your surveys to more meaningful conclusions.



Round-the-clock support:


With each client we cater, we observe that the needs are different. Hence, we make sure our developers are available to solve queries and suggest best practices for the clients. With a rich experience of being in the field or over 9 years, we are certain that there is nothing that our developers haven’t encountered yet.




An assurance of a higher response rate:


It is our endeavor to always provide our clients with data that can be put to use immediately. We design our questions on all our surveys in such a manner that fetches us the highest response rate. This is made possible after years of R&D on what works and what doesn’t and through the analysis of several thousands’ of surveys.


Customizable Reporting:


How do you gauge the efficacy of a survey project? It’s simple let the data speak for itself.


With our inbuilt reporting tool, you can frame data as and how you like. View comparisons month beautifully layered and condensed.  


At Global Survey we always aim for ways on how we can merge data into research. Client satisfaction is our priority. Collaborate with us to experience a more intuitive and collaborative experience.


You can reach out to us at for any inquiries. 

Jul 03, 2020