Global Survey – A Full Service Agency with a Difference

Global Survey has significantly expanded its portfolio of offerings meant for the Market Research industry. Our growth story is built on deep domain experience and expertise. We are good at adapting to evolving technology and MR landscape to emerge as the first choice of partners for outsourcing Market Research end to end activities.

Along with demonstrable RoI, our full service offerings also help clients with uncovering newer opportunities and avenues to enhance their bottom-lines. For any and every type of MR study, we have a team that can augment your core strength and let you service your client in with the same level of professionalism and caliber.

The surveys designed by us elevate the degree of respondent engagement with rich elements and amazing UI/UX experience. If you have the data we have a team that can carry out a multitude of acitivties like data merging, validation, tables production, OE coding, weighting, and analysis.

Our services include –

  • End to End Project Management,
  • Survey Programming,
  • Data Processing,
  • Reporting and Data Visualization,
  • Global Data Collection and
  • Panel and Field Management.

Interested in getting answers to business challenges affecting your customers? Then, we at Global Survey, will the ideal fit with our holistic Market Research outsourcing services.