Expand your Reach with our Offline Data Collection

Not every market is primed for online or CATI surveys. With some emerging or hard to access markets, the best possible ways to extract valuable insights is to get an offline survey conducted. This type of data collection medium also comes in handy where the socio-economic screening is niche and needs personalized face-to-face attention to get answers to survey questions.

If you come across such a need, then our experience in managing PAPI or pen and paper studies at Global Survey can be a good fit. We help you expand your reach irrespective of internet or telephone penetration and still target a niche audience with tremendous success. We have built a worldwide team of local partner support that comes in handy for your exclusive research study requirements. These partners are chosen after a careful and detailed scrutiny of their QA processes and are influenced by our own personal supervision. This helps to ensure that you get the same exceptional quality of data and excellence in client servicing that you recognize Global Survey with.

Be it mall intercepts, door-to-door interviews, mail interviews, focus groups, or mystery shopping, we are adept at every type of offline data collection.